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Christian greetings!

Although you were taught early on that 'there is no such thing as a free lunch', well this is one of those rare exceptions in life, so enjoy! Over the last seven years, I have been collecting non-copyrighted Christian audio sermons and have made these MP3 audio sermons available for free downloading, so that you can be blessed by them as much as I have.

Currently, there are more than 3,000 free audio sermons on this site that cover a wide range of Biblical topics. I only collect audio sermons consisting of excellent scholarship and thought-provoking themes; therefore, they will surely edify all who listen to them and seek to 'prove all things' by the Bible (1 Thessalonians 5:11,21).

The purpose of setting up a free user account is to ensure that the free audio sermons you add to your download cart remain there after you logout, which makes them more convenient to download at a later date.

Take care and Lord bless!